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Venture Inc

About us

Venture Inc is a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, operating in the form of a venture capital fund.

Its founders, partners and main shareholders are entrepreneurs with many years’ of experience in building projects which are noted for their high growth dynamics.

Examples include: Bankier.pl i LiveChat Software.


Venture Inc’s investment activities are focused on those areas that its Management considers the most promising and in which a Polish company can achieve global success.

These include bioinformatics and the IT sector, especially where the SaaS (Software as a Service) model can be used, which allows you to scale your business, as well as achieve very high margins and dynamic growth


Building value for investors

The key objective of Venture Inc is to build value for its shareholders and provide them with the highest return on their investments in their shares.

The investment in shares of Venture Inc enables individuals and financial institutions investing on the WSE to be exposed to the venture capital segment and companies with a very high growth potential, before they reach the level enabling them to be listed on the stock exchange

A partner for entrepreneurs

Venture Inc supports such companies with capital, guaranteeing them funds needed for development. At the same time, however, it provides them with substantive (know-how) and organizational support.

Wherever possible, Venture Inc wants to support entrepreneurs in building a scalable, dynamically developing business based on the SaaS model and operating globally. An example of such success is LiveChat Software, which thanks to the SaaS model operates on a global scale.

An investment decision is made individually for each project. Venture Inc partners may decide to invest in an entity from a different industry and operating in a different business model – if it is commercially reasonable. The company does not exclude investing in entities already listed on the stock exchange.

Compared to other Venture Capital funds operating on the Polish market, Venture Inc is distinguished by its dynamic action, a simple decision-making structure and minimum procedures for potential investment projects. Moreover, Venture Inc uses the experience of its partners and the management team to share know-how with the companies from its portfolio.

It also supports them through training, creating and piloting key processes, or finding external experts.

Expanding the investment portfolio

Venture Inc intends to gradually increase the number of projects in its investment portfolio. These projects will be more and more diversified in terms of their stages of development.

The company assumes an increase of involvement in entities at the “growth” and “start-up” stages, which continue to have a very high growth potential, but the risk associated with them is lower than in the case of “seed” and “pre-seed” projects. This is because developed companies already have a working product and business model, while the financial support and know-how provided by Venture Inc can help them to expand the scale of their operations and enter the global market.

Venture Inc can also focus on companies operating in the B2B model, whose capital needs oscillate around PLN 3 million

The company invests in Central and Eastern Europe (in particular in Poland), as well as in Great Britain and the United States.

Ways of exiting the investment

Investments in more developed projects are usually associated with a shorter time horizon of possible exiting from the project. This means that the fund will be able to realize its potential return on its investment faster.

Venture Inc considers all known possible ways of exiting an investment. This may be a sale of a portfolio of shares to a professional investor, a managerial buyout, or a public sale of shares as part of an offer from the company. In any case, the decision is taken individually after consultation with other shareholders of the company and once their interests have been considered.

Investment policy

Venture Inc concentrates on investments in the IT sector, with an emphasis on companies operating in the subscription SaaS model. Of particular interest to the company are projects related to the use of technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, big data, advanced algorithms or machine learning.

The company allows investments either by taking up new issues of shares or by purchasing them from current shareholders or partners. In the case of “young” projects at the “seed” or “pre-seed” stage, mainly the acquisition of new shares is considered.

Our team

The company has obtained funding from the project “Acquisition of external sources of financing for the growth factor of Venture Incubator S.A.” under the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020. Sub-measure 3.1.5. Support for SMEs to access the capital market – 4 Stockk.

The total cost of the project is PLN 1,222,620 and the total amount of eligible consultancy services is PLN 994,000
The co-financing amount granted to the company is PLN 497,000

The co-financing obtained is earmarked for consultancy services in the preparation of documentation necessary to obtain external sources of finance in the form of shares which are then allocated for trade on the regulated market of the WSE, as well as gaining the capital amount of PLN 30 million within the term of 36 months from the start of the project.

The expected outcome of the project: the introduction of the new shares’ issue for trading on the WSE regulated market will contribute to the expansion of the investment portfolio through capital engagement in entities from the new technology sector, to increase the holdings of shares in key portfolio companies and for investments through governmental capital support of venture capital programmes investing at early stages of development.

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